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Is Aadhaar Enrollment Software Hacked ? Bill Gates assures it is safe

In the recent times there were gossips milling that Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which has Aadhaar Enrollment Software has been hacked and being sold for Rs.500 only. However UIDAI has confirmed that Aadhaar Enrollment Software is safe and tamper proof.

Even Bill Gates acknowledged
that Aadhaar system is completely safe, and it doesn’t harm or sabotage privacy at all.

Is Aadhaar Enrollment Software Hacked ?

Aadhaar Enrollment Software is modified via ECMP (Enrolment Client Multi-Platform) and it is only accesible by official representatives of Govt. and UIDAI to enroll any person into the Aadhaar system. This software can be attached with any biometric-enabled hardware and can be used to connect with the central database of UIDAI to add, edit or delete data.

As per some reports, this sensitive software has been successfully hacked and is being sold for as little as Rs 500 to Rs 2000. The reporters have found some Whatsapp groups active in Punjab, where hackers are selling the cracked version of ECMP.

The software had a geo-tag and biometric tag which enabled the security; only authorized personals with the authentic tags can unlock the software.

Bill Gates has openly supported the Aadhaar concept, saying that the platform is completely safe, and doesn’t endanger privacy in any manner. Appreciating the efforts of Nandan Nilekani, architect of UIDAI under whom the whole project started, he said, “I’m both good friend and an admirer of Nandan Nilekani and some of the initiatives of digitisation efforts that can help with education that can help with governance,”


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