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Here are new Features of Android P

At Google I/O 2018 much awaited Android P beta version has been launched and it looks completely difference from its earlier versions with much more updates.

With Android P,
Google is introducing much better features like navigation gestures, a new dashboard, along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Android P will officially release by the end of second quarter of 2018. 

Here are 10 Features Of Android P :-

1. All-New Navigation Panel With Gestures :-

Android P will come with an all-new system navigation panel with gestures which can be accessed directly from the home screen. Now you can swipe for a specially designed Overview with a full-screen preview of all the recently used apps making it easy to see and resume the activity.

2. Smart Text Selection With New Add-On Actions :-

The new Smart Text Selection on Android P helps to recognize the meaning of the text you have selected. The new feature will suggest a number of relevant options, which now works on Overview so that you can easily perform any action you want.

3. AI-Powered Adaptive Battery :-

Android P will come with an Adaptive Battery feature which will help the smartphone to limit battery use for apps not often used. It is based on machine learning with DeepMind which now optimizes how apps use the battery. The Adaptive Battery will also come with four new restriction levels ranging from “active” to “rare” to segment the apps.

4. Adaptive Brightness With Machine Learning :-

A machine learning based Android P will come with an Adaptive Brightness feature where your smartphone will learn how often you change your screen brightness based on your surroundings. The feature will now adjust the screen brightness on its own according to your preferences as the system will keep learning your preferences over time.

5. AI Driven App Actions :-

App Actions will help you to get to your next task more quickly as your smartphone will now predict what you want to do next. With Android P, it will put the core capabilities of an app in front of users as suggestions for what you want to do next. Like when you connect your headphones to your device, the new Android will throw an action to resume your last music playlist.

6. Slices – The Google-Powered Interactive UI :-

Slices will bring remote content to the users through Google Search and Google Assistant. It has a templated UI for apps with support for actions, sliders, scrolling content and more. For example, if you are searching for OLA in Google Search, now you will get to see an interactive Slice with the price and time for a trip to work or any other saved location.

7. Background Restrictions :-

Android P will come with a better power efficiency with its newly improved Doze, App Standby and Background Limits to improve the battery life. The new Android will help users to identify and manage apps with Android Vitals to detect battery-draining app behaviours.

8. Biometric Prompt :-

Android P will come with Biometric Prompt which will replace fingerprint dialogue with added support for Face and Iris authentication, which will provide a system-wide consistent experience. The same authentication can be used for all the apps and purposes on the device.

9. Redesigned Quick Settings :-

Android P will come with new redesigned Quick Settings with options to edit screenshots, new volume controls, easy option to manage notifications and more. The added actions will be available for all purposes across the device with a Magnifier widget to select text and manipulate the text cursor in text.

10. New Dashboard – The Digital Well Being Orator :-

With Android P, Google is bringing a new Dashboard which will inform the user of how much time they are spending on their smartphone to enhance digital wellbeing. The dashboard will show the time spent on apps, how many times they have unlocked their device, how many notifications they have received and more. It has an App Timer feature which lets the user set time limits for apps, and will notify the user when they are close to the preset time limit.

The Android P Beta will be available for all Pixel smartphones in addition to following devices
  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
  • OnePlus 6
  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • Oppo R15 Pro
  • Vivo X21UD
  • Vivo X21
  • Essential PH1

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