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Gmail introduces @Mentions for Web

Gmail had launched AI-based features including Smart Reply, email snoozing, and more. Popular email service is introducing new feature that lets you @mention people
in your contacts list while composing a mail. The @mention feature is similar to the one seen on Twitter and Slack in many ways. For example, the @mentioned email ID is clickable, and recipients will be able to click on the name and send a fresh email to them instantly.

To use @mention in Gmail Web, type a name [email protected], and Gmail will throw suggestions at you from your Contact list. Select your preferred person from suggestions, and their name will appear as a link with their email ID linked to it. The person that is @mentioned is automatically added to your Mailto: list as well. When users get this email, they can now click on the @mentioned email ID and compose a mail of their own to the mentioned user.

@mention feature only works on Gmail for Web, and not on third party clients like Outlook or Thunderbird.If you add a + sign instead of @, the person will automatically be added to your recipients list for your current email. 

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