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Uber India introduces Authorisation Hold of Card of a Trip

Uber India has finally rolled out upfront Payment at the start of a trip. Feature of payment authorisation hold by which the company to hold a user's upfront fare amount before a trip commences. 

Cab hiring company is said authorize
your non-cash payment (credit and debit cards) method for every trip requested and the amount regarding to your trip fare.  With this Uber says that users' accounts are active and available to fund their trips.

Payment authorisation hold feature will be of 4 steps like, Post Request of a trip with Uber, authorisation hold is placed on your card, amounting to the upfront fare and finally trip has been completed and pending payment is charged with debut from your account. 

Uber noted as " If the account balance of your credit or debit card linked to your account is lower than the fare estimate, the authorization hold will fail. If it happens, you will have to select a different payment method or add a new payment method to your Uber account in order to request a ride. Also, if you cancel a ride, Uber will void the authorisation immediately."

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