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Commercial License not required for Auto, Taxis Now – Will This Decision Help?

Government of India has took a big decision by removing requirement of a commercial license for driving autos, taxis in India. As of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, which basically
changes the entire structure and format of commercial driving in India.

Their is no need of Commercial License For Taxis, Autos Now :-

Road Transport Ministry has released a statement of advisory to all State Govt. to follow this new rule for Commerce Driving: No separate Commercial License required now. However a personal driving license will be enough to drive taxis, autos now. Supreme Court ruled out that commercial driving license will be gradually expired, way back in July 2017, which is now being implemented.

As of the rule Commercial Driving License is now only required for heavy vehicles such as Bus and Trucks. It is a relaxation to taxi drivers, auto drivers, delivery boys of pizzas and other food items need not worry about commercial license anymore and it will end the bribes for for getting such license.


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