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Easy ways to Correct or Update Voter ID Card Details Online

Citizens of India need to known how can they do much needed corrections in their Voter card to participate in the upcoming elections and also to update their details in Voter list. Here we bring up easy process to update their Voter ID card details online and also to apply new one.

Voter ID Corrections Online :- 
  • Go to the National Voter Services Portal website, scroll to Correction of entries in electoral roll and tap or click on Click here. Alternatively, you may visit the NVSP Form 8 page directly.
  • Select the language via the drop-down menu at the top and fill in basic details such as your state and Assembly or Parliamentary Constituency, etc.
  • Now scroll down to section Please tick the entry which is to be corrected. Here you can tick the details that need to be fixed. You can tick multiple details too.
  • Once you tick these options, the corresponding fields will change from grey to white colour and you can fill in or upload relevant details.
  • Now fill the rest of the form as mentioned and be sure to add your personal details such as email ID and mobile number.
  • Once that is done, click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  • You will receive an email with the details of the application. You can use these details to track your voter ID application status.
Questions about Voter ID correction online:-

Where do I apply for Voter ID correction?

This process has been described above. You just need to fill and submit Form 8 online via the NVSP website. You may also print this form from and submit it at the electoral office closest to where you stay.

Which documents do I need to submit for Voter ID correction?

The documents for voter ID correction depend on the information to be corrected. For instance, if your photograph is incorrect, you need to submit the correct photograph. If your name is spelled wrong, then you can submit a birth certificate, PAN card, passport, or other valid documents. You can find the full list of valid documents for voter IDs here.

How long will it take to get my Voter ID after it is updated?

You can expect it to take around 30 days to receive a new voter ID card with updated information, but this varies a lot depending on which part of India you reside in.

Will I have to surrender my old Voter ID card as I have applied to make corrections in it?

No, you don’t need to surrender your old voter ID card. Just use the new one with correct details once you receive it.


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  2. Will just not happen. Sheer waste of time and effort. Difficult to upload documents in the first place. Even if you manage, nothing will happen to your application. No matter where you complaint, it will be unheard. Government making fool of common man. Please take care to check out before printing and sending emails.

  3. Third grade system,I have applied four monyhs ago,nothing comes. Cheaters.

  4. By when will we receive new card

  5. Third class system more than 1 year passed, but no correction done yet. I had also applied 2-3 time before 4-5 year ago, all time result is zero. I had not received Voter ID once. Totally confusing and lazy staff system. Its shows no working in system, its only for formality & nothing

  6. i do agree with you mr.vijay

  7. and one more thing i don't know why the government are issuing voter card to shop guys. some guys are purchased shop but they don't have flat in their name is it right to issue voter id to them.

  8. I doubt whether they use our details for voter id or for some other purpose, after one month also no updates for my application

  9. Dear all pls be careful,you all not checked what link you are applying corrections and new voter IDs,it's nothing of government URL,it's purely private cheaters you want our data don't know why,but be careful,while applying any thing.

  10. On the off chance that you need to scout for fake ID cards, you should simply scour the web for online retailers that offer this kind of administration. These fake ID cards are accessible at an extremely insignificant cost and Fake id can be utilized in quest for identity robbery. You will never know the distinction. The fake and the first ID cards are so comparable and an untrained eye will never know the distinction.


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