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12 things you didn’t know Truecaller can do for you

Truecaller has turned out to be a giant phone number identify teller these days where they are being number of unknown calls. This app will be helpful to identify calls from unknown numbers, blocking calls and avoiding spammers. 

Apart from knowning the persons with their numbers,
with Truecaller one could send video calls, send flash messages and even make payments. There are 12 special features of Truecaller and we discuss them here...

1. Truecaller - Create an Account/Profile, personalize it and also connect with Google and Facebook. If you don't want to reveal or hold of your privacy - go to General settings in the app and choose who gets to see your profile.

2. You can block the annoymous calls from the sellers of schemes or offers. When the same number has been blocked by many people, Truecaller will show the contact in red coloured contact card when you receive a call from that number to notify you about spammers.

3. Truecaller will identify the number whether you not you are connected to the Internet when it has been earlier identified it when your'e having internet connection.

4. Users can make video call only when they had installed Google Duo prior. Go to Truecaller - Information iCon - Video Call.

5. Default Dialler - Go to Settings- General - Missed Call Notifications - Truecaller app will ask for default dialler.

6. Default messaging - Setting True caller as default messaging app lets you identify spam messages, identifies senders of unknown messages, block spam and telemarketing messages, etc.

7. Send Number/contacts with names and e-mail ID's- Truecaller is an directory. Apart from this Truecaller also helps to find the numbers of airlines, railways, healthcare, banks, hotels etc.

8. Unlist your number:- If users are not willing to not include their number viweable in Truecaller's database then go to Just type in your number there including the country code, select Unlist Phone Number.

9. Last seen - Click on Truecaller app - Information Icon - Contact Card - Open the contact and you can see last online or whether they are on a call.  To Disable this option -  Settings, select General and disable ‘Availability.’

10. SMS Spam Folder - Tap on Truecaller app - Message Icon - Enable Spam protection - True Caller will turn into  default message app. Click on Continue -Click ‘Ok’ to proceed.

11. Payments - Truecaller app lets users create their own Virtual Payment Address, and after this they can send or receive money using UPI

12. Flash Messages - This feature can found at  lightening like icon next to the person’s name in your Truecaller call log. Type your message and hit send. 

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