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Fix the Windows issues with these tips and tricks

Windows bugs sometimes can be baffling in fixing the simpler issues. The right thing to do is learn the right tricks to solve such common problems to get the quick solutions. Following are some of the tips and tricks to solve some of the common Windows issues.

1. Common solution to fix host of issues

The most common solution to fix a Windows bug may have already known to you, if you have been working on Windows from sometime. Just turn the PC off and turn it on again, as this trick can fix few PC problems. The trick is not just applicable to PCs but can work on any number of electronic devices too.

2. How to fix if your copy of Windows is not genuine

Even when you have the legitimate, activated copy of Windows, it may sometimes pop up a message that shows the copy of Windows is not genuine message. Turning the computer off and then back on may fix the issue.

3. How to fix if Windows gets stuck at the loading screen

If your PC is connected to network with the cable, then at times you may experience the Windows getting stuck at the loading screen and goes no further. Unplug the network cable and try fixing back it again. Plug the cable back when the Windows loads.

4. How to fix if No operating system found

If you get the message “No operating system found”, this implies that your hard drive has gone bad, but it may have happened if you have left the USB flash drive connected or when you have left the CD/DVD in the optical drive. The bootable media device absence can also trigger the error message and so, remove the USB drive or CD/DVD and reboot

5. How to fix if Windows take long time to shut down

There may be many causes for Windows taking longer time to shut down, like a program waiting for it to shut down or when an external USB drive is connected. So, check if the programs are waiting for you to confirm any process and address the issues. And for the latter issue, try removing external USB drives before shutting down a computer, as it delays the processes.

6. How to fix if Windows Libraries stop working

It may be troublesome at times when the virtual folders called Libraries stop working or you may get an error message. Here are the steps to fix it.

Click on the Windows Explorer and delete the not working Library. You may not be deleting the files by deleting library. Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos are included in a usual library. Go to the navigation pane and right click on Libraries and tap on Restore Default Libraries.

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