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Slide Over and Split View Mode Features in iOS 9

iOS 9 app updates are hitting the stores, and you might have already been trying many of these apps, but did you work on these apps on the new Slide Over and Split View mode features. While we have already penned one such article on multitasking feature on iPads, here is one more article focusing on the basics of the features.

To switch to the Slide Over or Split View app, downward swipe the top-right corner of the screen of the device which opens up a column of icons to choose from.

The Slide Over and Split View modes are activated with a slide-in gesture along the right side of the screen.

The apps don’t support the Slide Over or Split View mode unless they are specifically designed or updated to work in the respective modes.

The Slide Over mode displays in a compact, iPhone-like view on your current app and they aren’t loaded simultaneously. Drag the icon over your other large app to open.

The Split View mode however looks like true multitasking, by running two apps side-by-side. It can open up like two apps sharing the screen equally, or one app taking the majority of the space.

The multitasking features, especially the iMessage conversation with one swipe are an advantageous feature, though the banners and the ‘back’ button are already resolving lot of multitasking needs. However, it is easy to use on the iOS 9 beta versions, since Apple’s own apps can be displayed in the Slide View bar.

Several more apps are yet to receive the iOS 9 updates and it would be more-user friendly interface once the updates are done. But, when there are more apps compatible with the Slide Over, they aren’t sorted in any order and all you have to do is lot of scrolling in the one-column interface for choosing the app. Displaying two or three columns instead of one-column could be easier.

In Slide Over mode, if you want to exit out of Split View mode, pick the drag handle and slide it off to the right side of the screen till the other app disappears.

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