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Get the Advanced Screenshots in OS X

OS X comes with advantageous utilities folder, including the versatile screenshot tool called Grab, which surpasses the OS X default screenshot, which you may be using daily.

For getting the screenshots in OS X, use “Cmd + Shift + 3” for the full-screen shots, while press “Cmd + Shift + 4” for the selections shots. The shots will be automatically getting saved to the desktop, and you don’t have to open any new folder to save them.

It also allows you to copy your screenshots to the clipboard instead of saving them giving you more control to the shortcuts. The Grab utility will furthermore add the screenshot chops, which makes you to access from the “Capture” menu or by using the keyboard shortcuts.

The Preferences tab lets you select a different pointer type, and the screenshot sound on or off.  Press “Shift + Cmd + A” for selecting the portion of your screen from the selection grab, and you can see a small tooltip in the screenshot below allowing you to track your pointer’s location on the screen.

Press “Shift + Cmd + W”, window grab capture is to choose the window you want to save. Press “Cmd + Z” the full-screen capture can easily be executed using the Grab utility. The timed screen grab lets you get the screenshots with a 10-second timer, and thus allowing you to move the you want or menus you want to open, which will all be included in the shot. Use keyboard shortcut “Shift + Cmd + Z” for the option.

The above screenshots will be opened in the Grab’s image viewer, and then letting you see if you got the shot you were going for. Closing the viewer will prompt dialog box asking to choose if you want to keep your new screenshot, save it, give it an appropriate name, and add tags or Don’t save tag.

Grab can add more options and flexibility, though it isn’t as versatile as a screenshot application like Skitch. Grab delivers more screenshot options the vast majority of users.

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