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Get $1 Million after hacking new iOS 9

Safe guard firm Zerodium has reported a $1 million reward for  unprotected form in iOS 9 that will leton a  non-jailbroken gadget to be agree and restrained casually.

The organisation considering for an feat that can be extended front  through a Web page or text message to grant the setup of an app on the new iPhones and iPads.

Although it's universally consider that iOS is especially safe, it’s not overall safe to attacks, as the new  App Store crack display.

Finally Zerodium notes“Don’t be  trapped, safe does not indicate  unbreakable it just means that iOS has presently the best price and complexity of vulnerability using and here’s where the Million Dollar  iOS 9 error reward comes into play.

Zerodium hope  with an iOS illegal access,The  team   is in the business of trading such full use to govt departments and corporate users,who might well be excited in careful observation on people.

Reward conditions cover that the bug  must not be announced to Apple or openly  confess in any way.Unauthorized access have until October 31 to report their information a download of suspectable and an descriptive whitepaper.

Right now Zerodium is ready to give reward several times,but may  eliminate the offer once its compensation  hit $3 million.

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