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Steps to Change your Address on Voter Id

The Voter ID card lets you vote in elections and choose leaders for the country. It helps make rules and manage the government at different levels like national, state, or local. The Indian Constitution gives the right to vote to every Indian who is 18 years old or older, with some rules.

The Voter ID card is also a paper that shows who you are and where you live. You can use your Voter ID card to sign up and vote in elections. It’s also a proof of who you are when you need it. That’s why it’s important to make sure the information on your ID card is right and up to date. If you’ve moved, you need to change your Voter ID to show your new address.

They should add your name to the voter list where you live now and take it off from where you used to live. The Election Commission has made it simple to change the address on your Voter ID card.

Instead of doing many papers to add your name, change your address, and remove your name from where you lived before, you can now do it all on one form.

Required Documents

The documents you need to submit to apply for correction in Voter ID in case of change of residence are given below:

  • You must have a valid EPIC number.
  • You will have to surrender the old EPIC number.
  • Aadhar Card if available. If not available, it should be declared.
  • Self attested proof of address

How to change Home Address on Voter ID?

The steps to update your Voter ID with your new address after moving to another city are the same.

To change your address, you need to give all the new address details for the new city and show that it’s really your address.

How to change offline Address on Voter ID?

To change your address on your Voter ID card offline, follow these steps:

1. Get Form 8A from the election office near you.

2. Fill in the form with your name, address, and other details.

3. Include proof of your current address, like a copy of your electricity or phone bill, or your bank passbook.

4. Submit the form to the election office near where you live.

5. You’ll get a reference number to track your application.

6. Your application will be checked, and if everything is okay, you’ll get a Voter ID with your new address on it.

7. You’ll also get a notice confirming that your name is now in the voter list where you live.


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