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Know what to do if Your PAN has been misused

Tax experts say they are encountering an increasing number of cases where individuals use someone else’s PAN to claim fake HRA. In many cases, taxpayers learn about the misuse of their PANs upon
receiving notices from the Income Tax Department, experts say.

Steps to take on to avoid PAN misuse :-

Contact the person or company who made the false claim and request a correction. Once rectified, the corrected details will be updated in the tax department’s records.

If direct correction isn’t possible, you can log into the income tax portal and submit a response against the incorrect tax summary. By doing so, you notify the tax department that you dispute the false rent claim.

The employer may guide you on the next steps and make necessary corrections in your TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) to avoid any adverse consequences for you

What to do if you receive a tax notice for fake rent received?

If you receive a tax notice due to this kind of discrepancy, it’s crucial to provide clear evidence that you did not receive the rent claimed. In such scenarios, it’s advisable to consult a tax professional for guidance

First course of action would be to reply to the tax authorities in a stout manner that you are not the owner of that property. And if the department has evidence to prove otherwise, then such evidence should be brought to your notice.



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