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Know how much does a Famous Youtuber in India earn

A number of youngsters, therefore, have started minting money from this video streaming platform Youtube run by Google. It is not an alternative income platform anymore but their main source of income.

After all, Youtubers also earn more through brand endorsements, affiliate marketing and some

paid content. Earning an extra income by treating YouTube as a side hustle is passe. There are a number of YouTubers who have raked in a moolah by making and streaming videos that garner millions of views.

To be able to monetise videos, YouTubers first need to join YPP (YouTube Partner Programme). After joining the YPP, a creator must have made a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours before becoming eligible to earn money through YouTube.

YouTube pays ₹53.46 per 1k views. This means YouTubers can earn up to ₹53,460 if they gain one million views. However, the income. Another rough estimate shows that the top one percent of YouTubers earn an average of ₹13 lakh per month.

Top 7 YouTubers in India :-

YouTubers also earn through brand endorsements, affiliate marketing and by selling merchandise. A few YouTubers also earn by creating a premium channel where you stream video to a select few viewers who pay money to you directly for the premium quality videos.



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