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Bank Notes with Star Symbol in Number panel are valid legally

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on July 27 clarified that a banknote with a star (*) symbol is the same as other legal banknotes except that in the number panel, a star symbol is added between the prefix and the serial number.

The star symbol

is an identifier that it is a replaced or reprinted banknote, the RBI said in a press release. The clarification came in the backdrop of discussions on social media on the validity of banknotes with a star symbol.

The star symbol is inserted in the number panel of a banknote that is used as a replacement for defectively printed banknotes in a packet of 100 pieces of serially numbered currency notes, the central bank said.

According to the RBI frequently asked questions, fresh banknotes issued by the Reserve Bank of India till August 2006 were serially numbered. Each of these notes have a distinctive serial number along with a prefix consisting of numerals and letters.

The banknotes are issued in packets of 100 pieces.

The Bank adopted the star series numbering system for replacement of defectively printed notes in a packet of 100 pieces of serially numbered banknotes.

The star series are similar to the other notes but have an additional character, a star, in the number panel in the space between the prefix and the serial number.



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