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TRAI brings SMS Verification and 12-Digit Number System

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) in its new regulations, major entities such as banks, financial institutions, and others are required to promptly undergo the process of verifying message “headers” and content formats or templates.

TRAI’s Stringent Verification Measures

TRAI has issued a stern warning that failure to re-verify “headers” and content profiles by major entities within the designated timeframe may result in the blocking of their messages.

The regulatory authority has also stated that it will review the progress of these verifications over the next two weeks and provide further instructions if necessary.

Eliminating Unnecessary SMS

Highlighting the importance of adhering to the content format, TRAI stated

“Therefore, it is crucial for all major entities to complete the verification process for ‘headers’ and content templates as soon as possible.

Failure to comply with the prescribed format may prevent commercial SMS from reaching the intended recipients.”

Furthermore, TRAI has announced another initiative to address the issue of unwanted mobile calls.

The regulatory authority plans to convert commercial numbers into a 12-digit series, a move aimed at curbing such calls.

The implementation of this new numbering system will be carried out in collaboration with network providers, with the goal of achieving this milestone in the near future.

These measures by TRAI underline its commitment to protecting customers from unwanted messages and calls, ensuring a more secure and reliable mobile communication ecosystem for all users.


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