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Avoid Traffic Challan by following these 5 Smart Ways

5 documents that you are ought to carry while you are out for a drive. Traffic police while driving your vehicle, be it a two wheeler or a four wheeler because he or she might ask
for documents you wouldn’t even know exist?

1. Drivers Licence :-

Traffic Police can ask for after halting you is your driving licence. It is a document that certifies your driving skills, if they are fit for taking a vehicle out on the road on your own. They are authorised to fine you for Rs 5,000 in case of absence of this document.

2. Registration Certificate (RC) :-

Registration Certificate that is also termed as RC. It is a document which certifies that your car is registered with the state. Also, carrying it won’t be enough if it is outdated. So, ensure that you keep an up-to-date RC with you.

3. Third-Party Insurance :-

We do not think about our insurance until we need it but the point is that it is the first thing that a police officer asks for after stopping you. In case of its absence, you can get highly penalised so it is always important to carry insurance while making sure it is updated.

In case of an outdated or absence of insurance, you can be fined with Rs. 2000 and/or a three-month prison sentence with community service.

4. Pollution Certificate :-

It is important to get your vehicle checked regularly for pollution because it could immerse more pollution that it should be for some reason and a regular check up can help spot that.

To make it a habit of yours, your Pollution Certificate, also known as PUC expires within three months or a year, depending on your vehicle. And the traffic police keeps a sharp eye on it and in case of its absence, it can charge you a fine of Rs 10,000 or a jail time for 6 months.

5. ID :-

You need to have your ID handy which can help the officer identify the rider with the other documents’ owner.

You can keep your Aadhaar Card, Passport, or any other document for your identification proof which is convenient to you.


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