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Traffic New Rules - Traffic Police can’t give Challan for THESE Mistakes

The Government of India has made many laws and rules related to this, and the citizens of India have to follow them as well. If you also often go out of the house by car or bike, you must have seen the traffic police
officers on the road at intersections and many other places.

Apart from handling the traffic, the work of the traffic police is also to make people aware of the traffic rules.

Invoice will not be deducted due to these rules.

They can also deduct your challan for violation of many rules like not wearing a helmet or not having a driving license.

Not always, but in some exceptional circumstances, if the traffic police forcefully deduct your challan, then you have many rights given by the constitution.

You can also file a case in court for violation of your rights.

However, our aim is that you follow the traffic rules. But if something goes wrong with you, you must know how to deal with it.

This is a legal act :-

Under the new Motor Vehicle Act, a child above the age of four will be considered a third passenger. If you ride your bike with a four-year-old child and any other person, then under section 194A, you can be fined Rs 1000.

If many go by car without a driving license, there can be up to 3 months in jail with a challan of Rs 5000 under section 180 for not having a driving license if you have a driving license.

But if you still need to remember at home, you can submit other documents, including your driving license, through DigiLocker or mParivahan. The traffic police cannot force you to produce physical documents.


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