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Here's how-to appear offline on Whatsapp

WhatsApp new feature is the option to hide online status, which is now available to all users on both iOS and Android. This feature allows users to conceal their online presence on WhatsApp from anyone they choose, and can be easily enabled or disabled at any time. If you want to stay online on WhatsApp without
letting others know, there is now a way to do so. Follow the below-mentioned steps to achieve the same.

How to be online on WhatsApp without being detected

1. Update the WhatsApp app.

2. Open WhatsApp and go to the Setting tab.

3. Under the privacy tab, click on the Last Seen and Online Status option.

4. Choose from the available options: Everyone, My contacts, Nobody, or My contacts except.

"Nobody" will hide the user's online status from everyone.

"My contacts except" will allow the user to hide their online status from specific people while still being visible to others.

5. Click on the "Same as Last Seen" option to apply the chosen setting.

With these steps, users will be able to hide their online status on WhatsApp and maintain their privacy.



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