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Twitter Blue Tick Cost for India is here

Twitter Blue subscription has been relaunched for users in many parts of the world recently. The subscription price is what many users are confused about, as Twitter said that iOS users would have to pay more than what users purchasing the subscription on the web will have to pay.

This is likely to recover the cost that Apple charges to the developers whenever they make a sale through the App Store. Right now, iOS users in India can purchase a Twitter Blue subscription. The price for iOS users has been revealed by an IndiaToday report. Twitter hasn't officially confirmed the price, so the price can be changed in the future, and this could just be a test by the company.

Twitter Blue India Price for iOS Users in India

In India, Twitter Blue will cost Rs 999 for iOS users. This is not a yearly cost but a monthly one. So if you want the Blue Tick verification mark on your Twitter profile, this is the cost that you will have to pay. In the United States, users have to pay $11 for the subscription if they are purchasing it through their iOS devices and $8 if they are purchasing it through the web. The price for Android and web users in India should definitely be different than Rs 999.

The cost seems too much for any individual to pay for using Twitter to get the ability to post longer videos and other things, such as being able to edit tweets. Twitter is giving an official tag to important accounts so that other people can't impersonate them through a blue tick mark. Earlier, when Twitter launched the service, there were many fake accounts emerged of important organisations and personalities, and that is why Musk had to stop the service for a short period.



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