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Simple Guide on how to Port Your Mobile Number

If your telecom operator does not have a plan according to your need or if you have got upset with your telecom operator, then you can get the SIM port if you want. It is very easy to get a SIM port, you can do this work sitting at home in a pinch. That’s all, you should know
how to get the SIM port.

What is Sim Port

First of all, let us tell you that getting a SIM port means that whatever number you are using, the telecom operator will change without changing it. That is, you do not need to change the number to get the SIM of any other operator. Rather you can change the operator on your existing number. Please note that there is no limit on SIM porting. You can port the SIM any number of times you want. Just keep in mind that it is mandatory to use an operator for at least three months. Here we are telling you how to port the SIM.

Know how to Port Your SIM Here :-

To get the SIM port, users have to send an SMS to 1900 from their existing number.

In SMS, you have to enter your phone number by giving space after PORT.

After this a unique porting code will come on your number.

Then go to that operator’s retail store or use home service.

You will need some documents to port the SIM. This includes address proof and passport size photograph.

After depositing the port fee, your document verification will be done.

After the verification is complete, the existing SIM will be turned off and you will have to insert a new SIM. It takes about 5 to 7 days for the whole process.


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