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Register your complaint against bank or its staff directly to RBI - Do Like this

If the bank doesn’t resolve your grievances or the banking staff is rude to you, then there is no need for worries. A discontent customer can register a complaint against the bank or its staff directly to Reserve Bank of India under its Integrated Ombudsman Scheme. You can register a complaint
against any bank or financial instiution regualted by RBI to centralised ombudsman.

It’s an overarching platform where customers can register their complaints against Banks, NBFCs, or Bad behaviours of bank officers, or any problem related to ATM and Banking system. Moreover, you can submit your documents, take the progress of your complaints or give suggestions.

When can you register your complaints?

You can only register complaints under Integrated Ombudsman Scheme when you have already registered your complaint to concerned bank or NBFC and it has been rejected by them or don’t get any answer within 30 days.

Here are ways to register your complaints:

1)You have to visit website to register online complaint for any matter related to banks. On the website, you will get the option of File a Complaint, where you can complain about the matter.

2)If you wish, you can also make a complaint through mail to the Centralized Receipt and Processing Center notified by RBI. For this, you have to write your complaint and send it to after attaching all the documents.

3)If you want to register the complaint in physical form, then the complainant or its authorized representative will have to sign the complaint, after which you can send the complaint along with all the necessary documents to the mentioned address. Address is- Reserve Bank of India, 4th Floor, Sector 17, Chandigarh - 160017



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