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Netflix - New feature to make sharing of password chargeable

Netflix users will have to pay even when they share passwords very soon. The streaming platform is annoyed about the feature being misused, denying the company of additional users. So, instead of blocking the feature, Netflix could start charging a small fee for those sharing the

According to a new Bloomberg report, Netflix is bringing the new payment feature to five Latin American countries such as Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador among others.

The new feature is called “add a home” so that another person can access your Netflix account for which Netflix is going to charge an additional fee. The report has talked about people being asked to pay around $3 (Rs 240 approx) so that other people can access their Netflix accounts. Netflix has devised different pricing for its markets, so it will be interesting to see how the platform manages to offer in countries like India, where pricing can make or break a product.

Consumers are already spoilt for choices with Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and other local OTT platforms, so Netflix will need more to convince users, especially with its content. The password charging method could go either way, people might jump in more numbers, or Netflix might see a further drop because of this change.

Netflix is also keen on fool-proofing the new setup, making sure that users are not infringing the sharing policies. Access to Netflix is available even while travelling and Netflix will regularly ask the main account user to verify the devices they are using the Netflix account on. So in total, Netflix has brought these options to around 10 countries so far, and more are likely to be added in the coming months.



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