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Here are tips on how-to start Jio 5G Network in India - In Android and iPhone

Jio’s 5G service is invite-only in select cities as part of the Welcome Offer and will reach more users in metro cities after Diwali. Here are Jio 5G cities, compatible phones, 5G recharge plans, and more. 

Enable and Use Jio 5G in India :-

Jio’s 5G Welcome Offer to test out the service. You can expand the table below and find more information about Jio 5G’s launch in India.

Activate Jio 5G on Android Phones :-

Jio True 5G is currently not available to everyone. It is available on an invite-only basis as of now and only those who have received the invitation can use Jio’s 5G services. Here are the steps you need to follow to check if you have got the invite in order to enable Jio 5G on your device. 

1. Open Settings and move to “Wi-Fi and Network“. After that, open “SIM and Network”. Navigate to Mobile network -> Jio SIM to access the desired settings.

2. Go to “Preferred network type”. Open it and choose “5G/4G/3G/2G” or you can simply choose “5G”. This will set 5G as your preferred network type.

3. Install the MyJio app (Free) on your smartphone if you don’t have it. Open App and register with your Jio phone number. Following that, you will see a banner on top saying “Jio Welcome Offer”. Tap on it, and the app will run a compatibility test. Once the process is completed, the app will notify you whether Jio 5G is supported on your phone in India.

4. Jio 5G network should be activated on your Android phone. We say this under the assumption that you are currently in one of the four cities where the Jio 5G network is available (named below), you have a compatible 5G phone, you have recharged with Rs 239 plan or above, and you have been invited for the Welcome Offer.

5. Restart the device if the 5G network does not appear. Open the dialer app on your Android phone and enter the code *#*#4636#*#*. This will open the hidden Phone Information page.

6. “Phone Information” and tap on the drop-down menu below “Set preferred network type”. Choose “NR only” or “NR/ LTE” (so you can use 4G in areas where 5G services are not yet available). The “NR only” is only for testing purposes and to check whether your phone can use the Jio 5G network. Later, you can change it to “NR/ LTE” in case Jio 5G’s VoNR (Voice over New Radio) service

Activate and Use Jio 5G on iPhones :-

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and move to the “Mobile Data“ section.

2. Next, navigate to “Mobile Data” and tap on “Voice and Data“.

3. Tap on “5G Auto” to enable 5G when the network is providing better speeds than 4G. Otherwise, the iPhone will switch to 4G to save battery life. In case you always want your phone to be on 5G, select “5G on”.

4.  Install the MyJio app (Free) on your iPhone and follow the same steps as the Android section to avail the Jio 5G Welcome offer. Then, wait for some time or restart your iPhone. The Jio 5G network should now be enabled on your iPhone.


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