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Get Confirmed Tatkal Ticket During Festive Season - Know How-to do

The Tatkal booking starts at 10:00 AM for 3 AC classes. Meanwhile, Sleeper tatkal ticket booking begins at 11: 00 AM. Apart from this, the tatkal tickets can also be booked online. Passengers looking to book reservations through tatkal need not worry
about getting confirmed tickets as the steps given below can help you get one, Follow the steps given below.

Tatkal Booking System: Keep All Details Ready

Passengers should be aware that tatkal train ticket reservation is all about timings. They must keep all of their information ready, from passenger information to travel details, and upload it as soon as possible.

Tatkal Booking System: Create A Master List

First and foremost, they must visit the IRCTC website's 'My Profile' section and create a Master List containing all of the passenger information. This is useful for future bookings at any time. Then, for each trip for which you want to purchase a Tatkal ticket, create a separate 'Travel List.'

Tatkal Booking System: Check Station Codes

This is a common mistake that passengers make. Before initiating an IRCTC Tatkal booking session, they must have an idea of the source and destination stations, as well as the station codes. If you look for station codes after the screen appears, then your chances of getting a ticket are slim.

Tatkal Booking System: Berth Preferences

Then you'll be asked for your berth preferences, with no time to think about it. If you select the lower berth, it is likely that it will not be available. To keep the procedure simple, you must not select any berth preferences.



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