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Know what not to share on your Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. It has become an integral part of our lives. From good morning texts to good night messages, our day begins on WhatsApp and ends on the same. It is used by almost every age group from school-going kids to old age retired folks for sharing content. Whether it is some
personal message or office work, WhatsApp has emerged as a strong medium to send messages, audio, and video content.

With WhatsApp being the most used messaging platform in the world, the risk of fraud and cyberattacks has also risen. As time passes, the messaging platform has also become aware of it and taken cognizance.

There is a certain kind of content that is completely prohibited to share on WhatsApp. Sharing such content can land you up in big trouble and maybe you might end up in jail.

Here is a list of four types of content that must be really avoided to be shared on WhatsApp.

Adult content

Some people create WhatsApp groups and share adult content with members. They send such notorious content on regular basis. But the sharing of adult content on WhatsApp has legal consequences. If any member of the group files a complaint about it, then the person sharing such content can end up in jail.

Copyright content

Sharing copyrighted content of an original piece to a group or sending it on a personal chat comes with an issue. If someone comes to know about sharing copyrighted content and files a complaint about it, then there are legal consequences. The person sharing the copyrighted content could face heavy damages that he/she would have to pay.

Notorious MMS

Making an MMS of a person, sharing it on WhatsApp, and harassing the person is a crime. Blackmailing someone with such MMS to share on WhatsApp and sending it to people will definitely land you in jail.

Subversive activities

Sending any text or video associated with terrorist activities in any WhatsApp group is a crime. The person sharing such content will be behind bars because the government keeps an eye on such content, keeping national security in mind.



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