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Know these tips to get best cashback and gifts in Google Pay

When you start using Google Pay, you also get a lot of cashback on it as well as some gifts, but with time it reduces. Why does this happen, many people are worried about this thing.

However, if you are also thinking about it then now

we are going to tell you some tips with the help of which you can get lots of cashback on payments as you used to get in the beginning.

Here we have brought you the best way to solve this problem.

  • If you want to take advantage of bumper cashback, then you should stop repeated transactions on the same account. Actually, doing this will reduce the cashback. If you pay on different accounts then you are more likely to get good cashback.
  • If you have to do heavy transactions simultaneously on the same account, then do not do this, you should stop. You will not get the desired cashback on the huge amount, so you should do the transaction of less amount.
  • If you are transacting on an account that has negligible transactions, then you should not transact on such account, it reduces your chances of getting cashback and gifts. Only transact on such accounts which keep on making Google Pays.
  • If you are paying single-digit amounts then your chances of getting cashback and rewards are very less. Try that the transaction should be at least Rs 100 to Rs 500.
Note :- This may vary as per changes from the above app,. Kindly follow their tips to earn them. This post for informational purpose only


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