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Here's how-to use Aadhaar face authentication - Know more

The UIDAI has started using face authentication as a method of confirming an Aadhaar holder’s identity. Once your facial authentication is successful, it verifies your identity. The UIDAI recently launched the Aadhaar face authentication RD Service app that allows
Aadhaar Authentication User Agencies (AUA) to capture a live person’s face for the authentication process.

Through this new verification process, an Aadhaar holder’s actual identity is validated and recorded in the databases of UIDAI which was captured at the time of Aadhaar enrolment. 

This Aadhaar face authentication RD Service app can be used for Aadhaar face authentication for various other apps like JeevanPraman, PDS, Scholarship schemes, COWIN, Farmer Welfare schemes.

As per the official UIDAI tweet, “Residents are now using the Aadhaar Face Authentication feature by downloading the UIDAI RDApp, which can be used for various Aadhaar Authentication Apps like JeevanPraman, PDS, Scholarship schemes, COWIN, FarmerWelfare schemes.”

“Aadhaar FaceRD App captures live person’s face for Aadhaar authentication using Face Authentication Technology,” said UIDAI through a video tweet.

“Aadhaar Face Authentication technology has been developed inhouse by UIDAI,” the government entity further said.

Here’s how to log in to Aadhaar FaceRD app?

Visit the Google Play Store app of your mobile phone and search for Aadhaar FaceRD.

Click on ‘Install’ and open the app.

To perform face authentication, follow the on-screen face authentication guide and tap on ‘Proceed’.

For successful face authentication you need to face towards the light source, move closer to the camera, move to a different or clear background, and clean the camera lens before using.



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