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Know All About Agneepath Scheme, Check Eligibility and Dates to Apply

Central Government announced the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme for Defense Forces. Under this, soldiers will be recruited for only four years. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced the ‘Agnipath Recruitment Scheme’, a major change in the recruitment process
in the Army . Rajnath Singh said that under the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme, youth will be recruited in the army for four years. Along with this, they will get service fund package while leaving the job.

Under this scheme, the youth joining the army will be called Agniveer. The chiefs of the three services recently gave a presentation of this plan to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Under this scheme, youth will be able to be recruited in the army for a short time. This scheme has been named as Agneepath scheme. Under this, youth can join the army for four years and will be able to serve the country.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh at the launch of the Army’s Agneepath scheme in the presence of Army Chief General Manoj Pandey, Air Chief Marshal VR Choudhary, Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar said that the Agneepath scheme aims at keeping the profile of military service useful. This will also improve the health and fitness level of the youth. Through this scheme, employment will be provided in various sectors. This will help in GDP growth. Improved Package, Service Fund Package and Disability Package have also been announced.

Family members will get service fund if they die while serving the country

If any Agniveer dies during the service of the country, then his family members will get an amount of more than Rs 1 crore including service fund along with interest. Apart from this, the salary of the remaining job will also be given. At the same time, if Agniveer becomes disabled, then he will be given an amount of up to Rs 44 lakh. Apart from this, the salary of the remaining job will also be available.

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How much salary will be received under Agneepath scheme

Under the Agneepath scheme, youth will get an annual package of 4.76 lakh for the first year. By the fourth year, it will increase to 6.92 lakh. Apart from this, other risk and hardship allowances will also be available. After four years of service, a service fund of Rs 11.7 lakh will be given to the youth. No tax will be levied on this.

At Time of Exit

Exit After 4 Year Rs 11.71 Lakh as SevaNidhi Package will be provided to the candidate.

Agnipath recruitment dates

Indian Army

About the Army's recruitment plan, Lt Gen Bansi Ponappa said the Army will issue a draft notification on Monday and subsequent notifications will be issued by various recruitment units of the force from July 1 onwards.

Recruitment rallies under the Agnipath scheme will take place across India in August, September and October, he said.

Lt Gen Ponappa said the first batch comprising 25,000 personnel will join the training programme in the first and second week of December. The second lot of recruits will join their training around February 23.

He said a total of 83 recruitment rallies will be organised across the country to select around 40,000 personnel.

Indian Naval Forces

Giving details of the Navy's plan to induct Agniveers under the scheme, Vice Admiral Dinesh Tripathi said the naval headquarters will come out with a broad guideline for the recruitment by 25 June. The first batch of recruits will join the training programme by 21 November, he said.

Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force to start registration process under Agnipath scheme on 24 June. Online exam process to start 24 July

Agnipath eligibility criteria

Age criteria

Under the newly rolled out scheme, only aspirants between 17-and-a-half years and 21 years of age are eligible for recruitment.

Following massive protests, the Defence Ministry said that it would allow those who were 21 years old in 2020, when recruitments were stalled, to be eligible — only for this year. The Defence Ministry said that “the upper age limit for the recruitment process for Agnipath scheme for 2022 is increased to 23 years".

Written pledge

Aspirants who are willing to apply through the short-term contractual Agnipath Scheme will have to submit a written pledge that the were not involved in the violent protests against the plan.

"Indian Army's foundation in discipline. No space for arson, vandalism. Every individual will give a certificate that they were not part of protest or vandalism. Police verification is 100%, no one can join without that."

Agnipath salary

The Agniveers will earn a salary package of ₹30,000 in the first year. Then, they will get a 10% hike every year. That means, in the second year, their salary would be ₹33,000 ₹36,500 for the third year and ₹40,000 for the fourth year.

Meanwhile, around 30% of their salaries will be deducted every month for the Seva Nidhi corpus. And at the end of their service, i.e. after 4 years, the Centre will add an equal amount ₹11.77 lakh and the total amount will be paid to each Agniveer.



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