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These Smartphones Emit High Radiation Level in India

Smartphones emit radiofrequency radiation (RF) that can be dangerous for the health. And the new report from Bankless Times has filtered out data to show us the smartphones that have emit high level of RF which is ranked on the basis of Specific Absorption Ratios or SAR value, which is mentioned at the back of the box every smartphone sold in the market.

The measurement of SAR value is done in watts per kilogram (W/Kg) and as per the Indian SAR limits set by the regulating standards, the SAR value has been set at 1.66 W/Kg. And per the report, there are quite a few smartphones that are close to the permissible SAR limits in the country.

And these smartphones we are talking about comes from brands like OnePlus, Google and Oppo and among others. The report looks are smartphones from across the globe, which also has names like Motorola and Sony Xperia. Here is the full list of smartphones that are emitting high level of radiation.

- Motorola Edge - 1.79W/Kg

- ZTE Axon 11 5G - 1.56 W/Kg

- OnePlus 6T - 1.55 W/Kg

- Sony Xperia XA2 Plus - 1.41 W/Kg

- Google Pixel 3 XL - 1.39 W/Kg

- Google Pixel 4a - 1.37 W/Kg

- Oppo Reno5 5G - 1.37 W/Kg

From the above list, Motorola tops the chart, and then you have ZTE in the second position. But neither of these smartphones are available in India. So, the smartphone with highest SAR levels as per the Indian limits is the OnePlus 6T with 1.55 W/Kg, which is quite close to the permissible limits in the country. After that you have the Google Pixel 3XL and the Google Pixel 4a that emit 1.39 W/kg and 1.37 W/kg respectively. All these smartphones are well under the SAR limit in India, but it’s good to have such information in hand.

If you want the check the SAR level of your smartphone, just look at the back of the box you got with the device. There you will find all the SAR-related details.

High SAR Level On Smartphones: Should You Be Worried?

Most people use the smartphone by holding it to their ear. But as per the DoT regulations, a person should use the smartphone as much away from the body as possible. They are advised to use a Bluetooth headphone to take calls. All these measures ensure the HF levels don’t adversely effect your body.

The Bankless Times report gives no indication that high SAR levels pose any concerns to our health in a drastic way, but DoT clearly feels that a person should use the smartphone where the network signal is good, so that the transmission levels are kept in check.



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