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Listen to audio clips, read chats now on Whatsapp at the same time

WhatsApp here brings latest feature where users can now playback of a voice note before sending it, pause and resume recording, playing the messages outside of the chat and more.

The company has said “When we first launched voice messaging in 2013, we knew that it could change the way people communicate. By keeping the design simple, we’ve made recording and sending a voice message as quick and easy as writing a text, Every day on WhatsApp, our users send 7 billion voice messages on average, all of which are protected by end-to-end encryption to keep them private and secure at all times"

WhatsApp tweeted :-

Your favorite way to chat just got better. With voice messages, you can now:

⏸️ Pause while recording - take your time when you think in Hindi but speak in English

💬 Listen while responding to other chats because when Mom needs an answer, you answer!

Time to hit 🎙️

Features :-

Out of Chat Playback: Listen to a voice message outside of the chat so you can multitask or read and respond to other messages.

Pause/Resume Recording: When recording a voice message, you can now pause the recording and resume when ready, in case you’re interrupted or need to gather your thoughts.

Waveform Visualization: Shows a visual representation of the sound on the voice message to help follow the recording.

Draft Preview: Listen to your voice messages before sending them.

Remember Playback: If you pause when listening to a voice message, you can pick up where you left off when you return to the chat.

Fast Playback on Forwarded Messages: Play voice messages at 1.5x or 2x speeds to listen to messages faster on both regular and forwarded messages.



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