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WhatsApp's Code Verify will protect yours security -Here's How To Download

Meta-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp has now bought in a new open-source web extension for its web users called Code Verify. The extension "automatically verifies the validity of the WhatsApp Web code
being sent to your browser," according to the official company blog. The plugin will ensure that the WhatsApp Web code is not changed, ensuring a safe and secure web experience.

"Code Verify expands on the concept of subresource integrity, a security feature that helps web browsers verify that the resources they fetch haven't been tampered with," according to the official blog. Subresource integrity only applies to single files, whereas Code Verify examines all of the resources on the page. Code Verify partners with Cloudflare to operate as a trusted third party in order to do this at scale and increase trust in the process."

How to use Code Verify

Meta Open Source offers the web extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. "Neither WhatsApp nor Meta will know if someone has downloaded the Code Verify plugin," says Meta. The Code Verify addon, in particular, is unable to submit messages or conversations between two users to Cloudflare.

When you access WhatsApp Web after installing the extension on your browser, it will instantly start functioning. The toolbar on the web browser allows users to view the results.

The Code Verify symbol will become green if the WhatsApp Web code has been thoroughly validated. If you see an orange icon, it implies you need to reload your page or that Code Verify is being interfered with by another browser extension. If you notice a red icon, it signifies "the WhatsApp Web code you're being provided may have a potential security risk."



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