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Now You can catch the train from any station - Here are new rules of IRCTC

Now you can catch a train from any other station instead of the original railway station. Railways will not charge you any fine for this. To change the boarding station, you have to make changes in your ticket,
otherwise you may be fined.

Boarding stations can be converted into booked tickets

Sometimes suddenly there is a need to change the boarding station. For example, due to the boarding station being far away from the reach of the passenger, there is also the fear of missing the train. Therefore, if the train stops at the station close to the reach of the passenger, then the passenger can revise his boarding station.

Keeping this need of the passengers in mind, IRCTC gives the facility to change the boarding station. This facility of IRCTC is for all those passengers who have booked train tickets online and not through travel agents or through Passenger Reservation System. Apart from this, change in boarding station cannot be done in PNRs of VIKALP option.

Changes will have to be made within 24 hours of train departure

Any passenger who wants to change his boarding station will have to make changes online 24 hours before the departure of the train. But according to the official website of IRCTC to the passengers, once the passenger changes his boarding station, then he cannot catch the train from the original boarding station.

Remember that if the passenger catches a train from another station without changing the boarding station, then he will have to pay the penalty as well as the difference of the fare between the boarding point and the revised boarding point. According to the rules of IRCTC- Change in the boarding station can be done only once, so whenever you make changes be completely sure. So let us now tell you how you can change the boarding station in the online ticket booked from IRCTC.

This is the easy way to change the boarding station

1. First of all you go to the official website of IRCTC .

2. Enter Login and Password and then go to ‘Booking Ticket History’.

3. Select your train and go to ‘change boarding point’.

4. A new page will open, in the drop down select the new boarding station for that train.

5. After selecting the new station, the system will ask for confirmation. Now you click on ‘OK’.

6. You will receive an SMS on your mobile to change the boarding station.


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