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Get Post Office ATM Card with these simple steps

After opening Post Office Savings Bank Account, then you can also apply to get ATM Card and Check Book. For this you have to apply
in RICT-CBS branch.

Have to do this work

1 Along with this, you will also have to submit your passbook.

2. After this GDS will verify this form and SB-28 receipt will be issued on the submitted passbook.

3. Thereafter this form will be sent to the concerned GDS BO Journal or BO Daily Account.

4. After the passbook reaches the concerned post office, the post master will do all the verification of the ATM card user.

5. After this the post master will issue the customer’s ATM card.

6. If that person turns out to be correct and eligible in the investigation, SPM will keep the SB ATM Card in the guard file.

7. After this, after writing the date of issue of ATM Card, the post master will sign in the register.

8. After this the ATM card will be sent to GDS BPM.

9. After that you can take the RICT-CBS branch from where you got this ATM Card. Along with this, you will also be given a passbook.


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