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RT-PCR Test Reports With QR Code Needed To Travel Abroad!

Passengers traveling abroad will need to carry a negative RT-PCR test report with a QR code from Saturday, the Union ministry of civil aviation said in a set of guidelines
issued last week to ensure minimum physical contact.

“The airline operators are advised to accept only those passengers who are carrying a negative RT-PCR test report with QR code for boarding international flights departing from India after 0001 hours on 22nd May 2021,” the ministry said in a release.

Verification Through QR Code Links

The passenger’s original report will be linked to the QR code. This will allow for verification with minimal physical interaction and delays.

The rule, however, is applied to only those passengers who are required to carry a negative test report as per the guidelines issued by their destination countries, the release added.

Air India Express also released a statement alerting its passengers.

“Effective 22nd May 2021, passengers carrying negative RT-PCR report as per the requirement of their destination country, must ensure that the report has a QR code linking to the original report,” it said.

Airlines operating in international sectors were advised to make the necessary arrangements.

False Negative RT-PCR Test Reports

Many laboratories have now started providing QR codes on RT-PCR test reports after cases of people editing the reports to show a negative result to meet the regulatory requirements have also been reported.



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