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PF Account withdrawal application rejected - know how to claim for money

This is the reason that the number of people applying for PF claims has increased. If you also want to withdraw money from PF, then it is important to take care of some things,
because the application can be rejected due to your small mistake. So which are the mistakes that should not be done at the time of application, let us know.

Mistake in name in checkbook or passbook

On applying for online PF, a blank check or photo of passbook is to be scanned and uploaded. If your name is not printed on your checkbook or passbook, then your PF claim can be rejected. Apart from this, the application can also be rejected due to misprinting the name or not filling the IFC code of the bank. So before uploading a copy of these documents, check thoroughly.

Difference in information given in KYC

Whatever bank related information you have given in your PF account and whatever is in the passbook or checkbook, there should be no difference between the two. Because your application can be canceled even if there are different things in KYC details including your name, address and other details.

UAN not linked to Aadhaar

In order to take the PF claim, the account holder must have their UAN i.e. Universal Account Number linked to the Aadhaar card in addition to keeping the KYC complete. If you have not done this work, then the application for PF can be rejected.

Bank account number should be 11 digits

Usually the bank account number would be 12 or 16 digits. But in the initial phase, the account numbers issued by many banks start from zero. Therefore, the account number is 11 digits. Therefore, many times during the application, EPFO ​​does not approve the bank account number of 11 such points. Because of which the application can be rejected.

PDF not open

If you have applied online for PF, then a copy of some documents have to be attached with the application. These include passbook, checkbook, forms, Aadhaar, PAN card etc. All these are to be scanned and sent in PDF format, but many times PDF cannot be opened with EPFO. Due to which the information is not properly matched, due to this, many times applications can be rejected. Therefore, before sending such a copy, check it.


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