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Here’s how you can find PAN Card Number Online

We might have faced some times when you are not carrying your PAN Card with you and need to immediately quote it in some document. Even if you have committed your PAN number to memory, recalling it can be difficult at times. How do you find it? Here are some ways in which you can find your PAN Number quickly:

Netbanking : You can quickly login to your net banking account or app. If you had linked your bank account with your PAN, then you can log in to your account and check the PAN. PAN can be located by accessing the bank account online or through mobile banking. It is mentioned in a Bank Pass Book as well. PAN Details are available under ‘Customer Profile’ or ‘Personal Information’ section online. If the PAN is not showing online but you are sure that you had linked your PAN to this account, then you can call the bank’s customer care and ask them for assistance.

Salary Slips : For salaried individuals, this is the easiest way to find the Permanent Account Number. All companies seek PAN details at the time of on boarding of employees and it is mentioned on the monthly Payslip. Payslips are generally made available online through the company’s internal portal or should be available on mail as well.

Form 16 – Form 16 is a certificate issued by the employer (online and/or hard copy) with details about tax deducted for the FY and amount received by employee from employer during the Financial Year. Apart from other details, it has the employee PAN as well.

From Income Tax Department’s e-filing website – The PAN number can be accessed through Income Tax website by Registration – it is an easy one time process and on registration, details like PAN Number, Name, Date of Birth and Address can be obtained and verified.

IT Returns : You can check your past IT returns as they would have your PAN number mentioned on them.

Other methods :-

Do you recall submitting your PAN Card to any private entity as a proof of identity? If yes, then you might want to try talking to them and get your PAN Number from them.

Almost all Demat accounts have a Pan number on record. If you hold a Demat account, then talk to the provider who might help you after verifying your identity.

Do you remember purchasing foreign currency exceeding INR50k? If yes, then you would have provided your PAN details to the firm/agency/bank from where you purchased the same. That can be a good place to check too.

If you have applied for a credit card recently, then your application form will have your PAN number. Talk to customer service and request them to share your PAN number with you after verifying your identity.

All motor vehicle purchases and sales (except two-wheelers) need to quote PAN number on the invoice. If you have made such a sale/purchase, check the invoice.

If you have paid a life insurance premium of more than INR50k in a financial year, then the insurer will have your PAN number on record. Talk to the insurer to get the number.


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