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Did you know renewal of Driving Licence, RC is now possible online?

Indian citizens will be allowed to renew their Driving Licence online with an Aadhaar card. As per a report, a recent notification by the IT ministry for Aadhaar authentication has made it possible for biometric identification to facilitate many online services for citizens,
including obtaining learner’s licence, renewal of driving licence (DL), Registration of vehicles (RC) and changing of address in these documents.

In August, the road and the transport ministry had written to the IT ministry to bring the DL, and RC related online services under the ambit of the Aadhaar Authentication for Good Governance (Social Welfare, Innovation, Knowledge) rules.

Transport ministry proposal aimed at removing fake and multiple licences and documents obtained by drivers and vehicles owners. This will help people complete the process without stepping out of their homes amid coronavirus pandemic.

The Aadhaar Authentication for Good Governance (Social Welfare, Innovation, Knowledge) Rules, 2020, the earlier proposal of the road and the transport ministry said, “The central government may allow Aadhaar authentication by requesting entities in the interest of good governance, preventing leakage of public funds, promoting ease of living of residents and enabling better access to services for them.

Transport ministry in 2018 decided to make Aadhaar compulsory for driving licences. After the ruling of the Supreme Court, this decision had to be withdrawn by the government. Amendment bill was passed in Parliament in 2019 for voluntary use of Aadhaar as identity proof.


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  1. Medical checkup essential for DL renewal. It should be.
    Headlines seem to be wrong. No info in paragrafs

  2. In India Nothing can be fully online, since it will remove bribe and hence at the important point of collecting or where to get medical checkup etc. there will compulsorily be a personal intervention and money will be payable

  3. Yes. For people above 60 medical certificate from approved doctors under form A is compulsory. This also should be removed or it should be made as any MBBS Dr. Can certufy. Otherwise again we have to go to brokerfir this certificate.

  4. Yes, what Mr. VG KRISHNA remarked is totally correct and undebatable. The clause of Medical Check need a study and elimination if things need to be achieved by "Online techniques" as programme above. Help kindly review the point to make the system 100 percent perfect...

  5. i had learning licence bt now expired and new appointment is not available before january .how. can drive

  6. For Medical checkup Form 1A, one have to visit doctor, appointed at RTO / DTO location... It should carried by any medical practitioner at any Govt. Hospital.


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