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Tata Sky Launches 300Mbps Plan With 500 GB Data

Tata Sky Broadband has also made changes to its broadband tariff plans over the past few months, which have included price changes, the addition of a fair usage policy (FUP) and the inclusion of a 300Mbps plan in most cities the service is available in at this time. Tata Sky Broadband plans which now offer up to 300Mbps speed
will inevitably be compared with the ones that Airtel currently offers with the Airtel Xstream broadband service, which offers speeds up to 1Gbps and prices start at Rs 799 per month.

The current line-up of Tata Sky Broadband’s unlimited plans now have four options in place, instead of the three earlier this summer. The first is priced a Rs 950 and offers speeds up to 25Mbps. Then there is the Rs 1050 plan which cost Rs 1,000 earlier and offers 50Mbps speed. The plan which earlier cost Rs 1100 is now priced at Rs 1150 and will get you 100Mbps speed. The flagship plan, priced at Rs 1900, offers 300Mbps speed—the fastest the ISP offers at this time. This plan in a way brings it closer to the similar speed home broadband plans offered by the likes Airtel Broadband and Spectra, for instance. Earlier, Tata Sky Broadband’s options capped out at 100Mbps speeds.

The entry plan for the unlimited broadband plans at Rs 950 per month compares favorably with the Airtel Xstream Basic plan that is priced at Rs 799 per month and offers 100Mbps speed with 150GB data per month—and you can make this plan unlimited by adding the Rs 299 per month top-up. Yet, Airtel Xstream offers broadband plans up to 1Gbps speed. In fact, if we are to compare the 300Mbps plan of Tata Sky Broadband and Airtel Xstream, the latter has priced the Airtel Xstream Premium broadband plan at Rs 1499 per month (300Mbps speed and 500GB data). You can add the Rs 299 unlimited data top-up and the total cost works out to be a bit lesser than what Tata Sky Broadband costs.

Tata Sky Broadband also different FUP tiers, depending on which plan you subscribe to. For the 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps plans, the monthly data cap for these unlimited plans is set at 1500GB after which the speed reduces to 3Mbps for the rest of the billing cycle—this has also been boosted from 2Mbps earlier. If you opt for the 300Mbps speed plan, your FUP limit is much higher at 3300GB data per month, before you run the risk of having the speed reduced to 3Mbps for the rest of the billing cycle.

Airtel Xstream has a 3333GB data FUP on all their unlimited plans (that is, with the Rs 299 unlimited data top-up activated). If you exhaust this data limit, the speeds available on your broadband connection for the rest of the billing cycle reduce to 1Mbps.

Tata Sky Broadband also has Fixed GB plans which are available between Rs 790 per month to Rs 1050 per month, with 50Mbps and 100Mps speed options and data offered ranging between 150GB per month to 500GB per month. Tata Sky Broadband has tough competition in the home broadband space, including Airtel Xstream, Reliance Jio Fiber, Spectra, ACT Broadband as well as BSNL and MTNL, to name a few.


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