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Now travel in the train without being afraid of Corona

Railways are engaged in various efforts to ensure how to travel safely during the corona virus infection. Railways have invented a train compartment in which the virus outbreak can be avoided during the journey.

This coach has been designed keeping in mind how to protect the passengers
from this infection. It has facilities that can be used without touching it. The handrail to climb in the coach and the chitney for opening the door has been made copper coated. Not only this, a plasma air purifier is installed in this air conditioned coach, it prevents the outbreak of virus. The seat is coated with titanium dye oxide.

Experts believe that the corona epidemic is so prevalent now that one has to make a habit of living in it. It is wreaking havoc all over the world. In such a situation, many techniques are being developed on how to work without getting caught in this epidemic.

Punjab-based Kapurthala Coach Factory has prepared a post kovid coach. So until the vaccine is made, the necessary journey can be done without getting scared and avoiding infection. This post Kovid coach is designed to avoid corona infection. It has facilities that work without touching it.

Water taps and soap dispensers have the facility to operate by foot, that is, there is no need to touch it by hand. Also, the toilet door, the flush valve, the door closing and opening chitney, the washbasin tap are copper coated.

It is believed that the virus does not survive on copper for a long time and it either gets destroyed or falls down. Copper has anti-microbial quality. Therefore, along with the coach’s washbasin, lavatory, seat and berth, dining table, glass window and floor, it has been coated everywhere that can come in contact with humans. This coating does not deteriorate for one year.

Plasma air purification is installed in the post Kovid coach’s AC itself. This device keeps the air and surface within the AC coach free of contamination. The entire coach and seat are coated with titanium dioxide. It is an environmentally friendly water-based coating.

Viruses, bacteria are destroyed by this coating. It does not harm the human body. It is non-toxic and certified by the American Food and Drug Administration. According to railway officials, it costs Rs 6-7 lakh to prepare this coach. This type of arrangement has been made in the old coach itself.

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