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Take action and stay up-to-date with dynamic email in Gmail

Google wants to revamp the experience of emails, and for that, it is bringing a completely new capability into Gmail - called dynamic emails. The feature, as the name suggests, will replace regular static emails with interactive ones, making emails as
easy to surf as a web page.

It is being rolled out for both Android and iOS apps.

Mobile Pages-based emails in Gmail :-

Google is leveraging Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), the tech that powers some of the fastest loading web pages on the internet.

The system's integration with Gmail ensures that you do not get redirected to an external browser page and all the content in the email becomes accessible in the Gmail app itself.

Browse products, send replies right through emails :-

With the new feature, you will have the ability to do everything, from scrolling through products to sending replies to interacting with calendar invites, from your email itself.

You'd even be able to sift through hotel listings, fill out forms, browse suggested catalogs, or issue immediate replies for comments on a Google Doc, among many other things.

Latest content every time :-

As the feature brings web page-like interaction into emails, you also get the latest content in emails.

For instance, if you open a month-old email listing jobs, the feature will not show one-month-old jobs but the latest ones available on the service in question.

The same would happen for other types of emails, including those listing order statuses or products for purchase.

Support coming for Android and iOS now :-

Dynamic emails were already available for the web since July. But now, Google has decided to expand support for the same to Gmail for Android and iOS.

Both free and G Suite users of the service should get the feature in the coming weeks.

To note, Yahoo Mail,, and Mail.Ru have also announced support for the new format.

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