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Missed Connecting Train Due To Delay Of 1st Train? Get Your Money Back By Linking PNR

IRCTC is simplifying things for the passengers is by linking your passenger name record (PNR) to get a quick refund if you miss your connecting trains due to a delay in the arrival of the first train. IRCTC To Give
Refund If You Miss Connected Trains

Find Out How :-

When you book tickets from the official website of IRCTC, you will see an option ‘connecting journey booking’ under the Trains menu. Next, you will need to find a suitable train for your journey. 

After that, check the accommodation in the connecting train that you wish to board, and this information will be available to you on the train list page. Next, you are required to click the ‘Book Now’ button, and to link the two PNRs, you will need to insert the eligible counter ticket or the PNR number that has been booked using the same user ID. 

Once you enter this PNR, it will be verified by the IRCTC. If the PNR is eligible for connecting journey, the passenger details will be collected and an OTP will be sent for checking thoroughly. 

Connecting PNRs :-

There should be no discrepancy in the details of the passenger such as the name, age, etc. in both the PNRs.

The difference between the main journey and the connecting journey shouldn’t exceed five days. The PNR from the station and boarding station should be the same. Also, the PNR to the station and reserved up to should be the same.

Only confirmed ticket or a partially confirmed ticket will be allowed for connecting journey ticket booking. In order to link the PRS counter ticket with the e-ticket, the counter ticket must have a valid mobile number available on which an OTP will be sent. 

Also, if the train journey is modified, it will not be eligible for connected PNRs. Moreover, changing boarding stations has also been banned by the IRCTC for the connected PNRs. 

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