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Railway's One Touch ATVM ,buying tickets now a two-step process

Indian Railways has launched ‘One-touch ATVM’ at 42 suburban stations of Central Railway to offer fast ticketing to millions of commuters over Mumbai Suburban Network. Railway passenger can avail the service
of this new machine at 42 suburban stations. This new machine will reduce the waiting time of the passengers and allow passengers to avoid standing in long queues.

The new machine is loaded with the user-friendly and uncomplicated procedure which will greatly ease the load on ticketing system of Mumbai Suburban Network. A total of 92 ATVMs has been installed at 42 suburban stations.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted saying, "One touch Automatic Ticket Vending Machines launched at 42 stations over Mumbai Suburban network to render fast ticketing to daily commuters, without the hassle of long queues and waiting time."

The salient features of one-touch ATVM is that a passenger can obtain a ticket in just two steps instead of earlier six steps on a regular ATVM. One-touch ATVM will show one screen display for selecting single/return journey tickets. The passenger can select the desired station in the distance slab, just press tab “upto station” either for journey tickets or return journey tickets. The passenger can get a platform ticket also with a single touch.

With this One Touch ATVM, one can book tickets with just two steps:

Step 1: Select Fast booking and the One-touch ATVM will show "upto station" in distance slab.
Step 2: Check the desired station and press single or return journey or platform to get the ticket.

It is worth mentioning that ATVMs are touch screen based ticketing kiosks which are operated by using smart cards. Passengers can purchase and recharge their smart cards from the nominated ticket counters. 

Alternatively, instead of tickets passengers can also purchase a smart card. You can go to the smart card issue and recharge counter. The smart cards can be used to buy unreserved tickets to anywhere across India. This card can be purchased for Rs 100. Passengers can use smart cards to book their unreserved tickets and get a cashback of 3 per cent every time they recharge their smart card. These cards are similar to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) smart cards. 


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