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Check these tips to get confirmed berth from IRCTC

During the festive season, one may have to travel through Indian Railways on an urgent basis. To provide relief to such Indian Railway passengers, the railway administration has given Tatkal Ticket Booking option
to the passengers. However, due to the heavy traffic on the IRCTC online ticket booking website, it becomes difficult for the passengers to book a ticket on time and reserve their berth.

Since, there is huge demand in Tatkal Ticket Booking while the supply of berths are quite low, if someone uses these 8 tips, they will be able to book their ticket with ease. for information to the readers, Tatkal Ticket Booking for air-conditioned coaches are booked one day before from morning 10 AM while for sleeper class these tickets can be booked one day before from 11 AM morning.

Here are tips through which one can book one's Tatkal Ticket without any problem:

1] Booking through Master List: Master List provides you details of the pressure of passengers on your rote and you can save it in advance. You can save it on the IRCTC Master List. Here you can save the passenger's details so that when you go for the ticket booking you just need to click at the saved master list without filling the long-form and save your time.

2] Payment Gateway without OTP: While booking your tickets, you need to do an online payment where you generally use OTP payment gateways like net banking or card payment option. However, you can choose an OTP free payment gateway like Paytm, UPI or any other e-wallet. It will also help you save time while booking your online Indian Railways ticket.

3] High internet speed: While booking your Indian Railways ticket through IRCTC agent, you need to ensure that you are having high-speed internet. In case, there is low internet speed, then at the time of ticket booking, you may have to face an error leading to your entier efforts going in vain. So, keep a high-speed internet connection.

4] Keep your payment details ready: It has been found that while booking your Tatkal Ticket online, one doesn't remember one's payment details. So, while going for an online Tatkal Ticket booking, one should keep all details of one's payment ready and save time while booking a train ticket.

5] Use two browser: While booking you Tatkal Ticket, one should be using two browsers so that if one fails then you can switch to another user and book ticket on time.

6] While booking your train ticket, you should check which train has maximum berths available for passengers looking for the Tatkal Ticket. It helps you maximise your chances of getting a confirm seat after booking.

7] Log-in in advance: Don't wait for the time when the Tatkal Ticket Booking begins. You should long-in at the IRCTC website 15 minutes before and be ready with all the details that you need to fill up. It also ensures confirms seat after booking.

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