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You can EVEN change Mssgs font, make chats more interesting

WhatsApp is fun! Or, is it? Most of us have been using the app for so long and have probably got so used to it, that we have completely forgotten about experimenting with it. But, the messaging platform could actually be fun if you know about some
secret WhatsApp tricks. While the Facebook-owned platform largely keeps itself simple, allowing users to exchange messages, photos and videos with each other instantly, with no messing about, there is a feature that allows you to play around with these. 

With the help of this WhatsApp trick, you can change the font of all or  part of your messages. You can also make the text bold, italic or "strikethough". These tricks could be used to make your chats more interesting or to put emphasis on your messages. Here is how you can do that -

WhatsApp font change

- You can change your text into a typewriter-style font called "Monospace".

- You can do this by inserting three "backticks" on either side of the text you want to reformat.

- The backtick is basically a reverse apostrophe. You can use it by holding the apostrophe button on your keyboard.

Bold or Italic

- You can put emphasis on a particular word or phrase in your message, by making it italic or bold.

- For this, you just need to add asterisks either side of a word to make it bold or underscores to make it italic.

Strikethrough WhatsApp text

- For this, you just need to place a tilde (~) on either sides of the text.

So, what are you waiting for! Go, make your conversations more interesting by using these simple hacks.

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