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How you can track Railways FNR status

Passengers travelling by train on the Indian Railways network-facing trouble in carrying excessive luggage can transfer the goods via trains with the help of goods carriage facility. The Indian Railways offers the facility
to transfer goods with which the users can transfer the goods from one place to another. Indian Railways has not mandated the users to travel along with the luggage or the consignment.

Individuals moving from one city to another, or shifting their habitat can send the goods with the help of Indian Railways-inducted Freight Operations Information System (FIOS). The goods transfer facility is available to normal citizens, as well as, at the enterprise level. Therefore, the companies and businesses willing to transfer goods from one place to another can do so by requesting themselves at the designated portal of Indian Railways,

The facility of live tracking and tracing of consignments is there following which the information reaches to the end-users. To bring in greater transparency, Indian Railways have begun automatic allotment of rakes to customers for select commodities based on priority rules, operational restrictions, and commercial agreements. According to Railways, the trains carry about 1,079 tonnes of freight in a year which translates into about 5,000 freight trains daily.

Interestingly, the freight trains bring two-thirds of the Indian Railway revenues and are referred to as the bread earners for the Railways. Coal, iron ore, food grains, iron & steel, cement, petroleum products, fertilizer and containerized traffic are some of the major commodities carried by Indian Railways. Freight trains do not run to a fixed schedule and thus making freight operations a highly information-intensive activity.

The FNR status can be checked by visiting the webpage, A user is required to enter the 11-digit FNR number printed on top-left of Railway receipt and the captcha code. The live status of the consignment will be shown to the user.

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