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How To Use Whatsapp With Landline Phone

WhatsApp has a huge user base across the world. From the latest statistics, an average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times a day. Be it be videos, pictures, forwarded messages, personal chats or group discussions.
These days everyone is making good use of it.

WhatsApp Business app launch has helped a lot of businesses around the world.

Currently over 3 million companies are using WhatsApp Business app for their communications. It gives an opportunity to all the businesses to communicate with its client base in a simple, secure and efficient way. It is expected that soon most companies will adopt using it for their client interactions.

Now we can use our landline phone numbers for registering with WhatsApp. We will still need a mobile phone for using the application but our business phone number can also be registered for extended use.

Setup WhatsApp on your landline phone

Step 1 – First of all, decide whether you want WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App according to your requirement.

Step 2 – Install it on your mobile/tablet or PC. It can be downloaded from Google Play store. 

Step 3 – Open the installed application. When it will prompt you for a number, provide your home or business landline phone number.

Step 4 – WhatsApp will try to verify provided number with an SMS. Once it gets failed It will present an option to Call Me for verification. On selection of this option, you can get a call from WhatsApp.

Step 5 – Once you get an automated call, it will repeat a six digit verification code in automated voice. You need to note down this code.

Step 6 – Now enter this code in WhatsApp application on your mobile/tablet or PC. Complete the setup process. Once it is done this application can happily be used for WhatsApp communications.

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