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Here are aiming tips for PUBG beginners

PUBG is becoming more competitive as a Battle Royale, with its increasing popularity. As a result, newcomers might find it intimidating as they struggle to survive in a match. One of the most important aspects of winning chicken dinner
is accurate aiming and shooting.

Newcomers, understandably, take time to master this due to the tense nature of firefights.

Five aiming tips for beginners :-

Panic will kill you faster than bullets -

Newcomers often panic when they face an enemy. Hearing footsteps or suddenly seeing an enemy leads to a wild firing in the general direction.

I have faced opponents many times armed with assault rifles and SMGs when I had just a pistol. I survived, they did not.

The trick is to not panic, place the crosshair calmly on the enemy's body before firing away.

Earn your marksman title in PUBG -

While it is optimum to place your crosshair on the enemy's head, ensuring a headshot kill, I would suggest newcomers aim for the body, which offers a larger surface area.

Further, opt for single shots rather than full auto or semi-auto since handling their recoil is much harder. However, if it is a mid-range or close range combat, going full-auto is recommendable.

Know your position when you are aiming -

While aiming, going prone gives you maximum stability, followed by crouching and standing. Therefore your best aiming will come from prone positions.

However, positions affect movement, so you are slowest when prone and fastest while standing.

I would suggest going prone only for long distance shots and crouching for mid-range, while close range shots must be made standing, to dodge enemy fire and retaliate.

Don't leave yourself exposed -

A lot of amateurs stand out in the open while taking accurate aim, which leaves them open to attack from the very enemy they are aiming at, or from others.

Find cover before you aim at an opponent, or learn to aim quickly.

Since the latter will be mastered over time, only aim from some cover towards the beginning of your PUBG career.

Learn to peek and fire -

The natural progression for a beginner is to peek and fire. Pressing Q and E buttons, players can expose the bare minimum of themselves as they aim at opponents.

The trick is to find cover, aim, tilt and peek, then open fire.

Peeking and firing is the most advanced tip on this list, so try this after you are familiar with aiming in PUBG.


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