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Super Mario makes for a shockingly good battle royale game

Battle royale has come for Mario. The winner-takes-all genre, popularized by the likes of Fortnite and PUBG, is now also a free web game starring Nintendo’s famous plumber.

The aptly titled Mario Royale has a pretty simple premise:
75 people, all playing as Mario, try to make their way to the end of a classic Super Mario Bros. stage at the same time. It sounds easy, but since everyone looks identical, it’s incredibly chaotic, and you’ll likely find yourself dying because you mixed up which squat plumber you were controlling. Still, as a proof of concept, it’s a clever idea, especially following the likes of Tetris 99.

An important caveat, of course, is that this isn’t an official Nintendo game, so it’s unlikely to stay online for long. If you want to give it a play, do it now: the game is available right here. It might not last long, but it’s sure to give would-be game designers some great ideas for Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch, which launches next week.


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