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Facts You Should Know About Train19

Train19, the next version of Train18, will bring down the journey time between New Delhi and Mumbai to just 12 hours, which is right now consumes between 19 to 30 hours, depending on the trains. New Delhi to Kolkata journey time will also come down to just 14 hours.

What is Train19?

Train19 will be the sleeper-version of Train18. 

The mechanism, and the technology of Train19 will be completely based on Train18, and the only difference will be the coaches. In Train18 or Vande Bharat Express, there are only seating coaches, but Train19 will be sleeper coaches, where passengers can sleep.

In fact, as per another set of reports, Train19 will eventually replace all Rajdhani Express trains, which have sleeper coaches, and Train18 or Vande Bharat Express will eventually replace all Shatabdi Express trains.

What Will Be The Technology Behind Train19?

Just like Train18 or Vande Bharat Express, Train19 will be a self-propelled train, without any engine. The train has been designed to accelerate and decelerate faster, which reduces the travel time considerably. 

Besides, there will be aerodynamically designed driver cabins at both the ends, alternate motorised coaches for uniform distribution of power and more.

What Will Be The Passenger Amenities?

While the train will run based on the self-propelled technology of Train18, the coaches will have Humsafar Express type amenities like LCD screens on the berths to view upcoming stations, heating chamber and a refrigerating box inside the coaches to preserve food, larger berths, ample spacing in the lobby, futuristic external looks with vinyl sheets and more. 

What Will Be The Speed Of Train19?

Just like Train18, Train19 will run at a speed of 160 kmph, which makes it India’s fastest train. This is the reason that Train19 will be able to reduce the journey time between Delhi and Mumbai; Delhi and Bhopal, Mumbai and Kolkata and other important routes by upto 15%.

When Will Train19 Launch?

As per Rajesh Agarwal, Member (Rolling Stock), Railway Board, Indian Railways is right now making the sleeper coaches, which will be used for Train19.

The Integral Coach Factory in Chennai has already started the work, and as per some reports, Indian Railways will create upto 40 sets of coaches, for running on various routes.

Around 12 rakes of coaches will be delivered in the first phase. Design, development and production of Train19 will be held entirely at The Integral Coach Factory.


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